What is Core Spun Merino?

Your next outdoor adventure or travel junket deserves gear that will last the distance while feeling fresh and keeping you warm. Step up core spun technology, which we’ve used to create a powerhouse fabric – the super-tough core spun merino.

Advantages of merino wool

Merino wool is a highly breathable, odour resistant and exceptionally warm fabric. It consists of very fine natural fibres that provide us with lightweight warmth and comfort. These fibres loft to:

  • Efficiently trap heat
  • Help regulate your body temperature in cold and hot climates
  • Provide superior next-to-skin comfort.

Transforming merino wool into core spun merino

Core spun technology is a simple idea. We wanted to get as much as we can out of merino wool, so transforming theses fine fibres into a garment with more durability was a no-brainer.

Core spun technology takes traditional merino wool and spins it around a super-thin nylon core to create a stronger, more durable fabric.

The end result is a high performing merino garment that can stand up to more washes and longer use.

Image of three people hiking over Banks Peninsula in Canterbury, NZ
When cold winds pick up at altitude, core spun merino will keep you warm

Should you choose core spun merino?

Do you travel regularly, like to stay active in the outdoors or simply enjoy wearing merino? If you do, core spun merino is definitely for you.

The versatility of merino wool makes it suitable for a wide range of weather conditions and activities.

Core spun merino for your travels

Merino is a travel staple. It’s a super option if your trip includes more strenuous physical activity like day walks or hikes. The benefits of core spun merino are significant, including:

  • Natural odour resistance – you can wear it multiple times before it’ll need a wash
  • Temperature regulation – you’ll be able to comfortably wear it across multiple climates
  • Extra durability – so you can trust it to last the distance over your travels.

If you’re about to embark on a longer adventure, chuck a few core spun tees in your backpack so you can layer up when you need to.

Core spun merino for your outdoor adventures

Merino was built for the outdoors so it’s no surprise that core spun belongs there. It offers:

  • Insulating properties – to keep you cool on-the-go yet warm on the summit
  • A strong nylon core – to help the merino fibres stand up to regular washing (following the care instructions)
  • Moisture wicking – to keep that damp, clammy feeling away.

If you’re flogging your gear on the trail every weekend, you can’t go past a core spun garment.

Image of three people on a hike taking a break and chatting
Hiking requires that next-to-skin layer that's going to do the job day after day

Core spun merino for your everyday use

If merino sheep can comfortably wear its wool each day, we certainly also can – and with an added nylon core, the extra durability is a bonus. Core spun as an everyday clothing item gives you:

  • An ideal next-to-skin layer – that’s comfy, warm and breathable
  • More wears before you need to wash – great if you have a busy worklife and little time for laundry

If you want everyday warmth and comfort, plus a fabric that can stand up to more wears, take a closer look at core spun merino.