Goose and Duck Down

Why should you choose Down?

Goose down and duck down fill delivers the most efficient and comfortable insulation available. Down combines the highest warmth to weight ratio with excellent compressibility, making it the ultimate lightweight solution when packing for those chilly outdoor adventures.

How does it work?

Down traps the heat emitted from your body circulates it around you, insulating you from the cold. Its performance is measured by Loft power, which is calculated by measuring the volume an ounce of down occupies in a climate controlled test cylinder.

The more volume occupied by an ounce of down [cu/in oz.], the more air is trapped and the greater the insulation and warmth provided. Higher loft power means better insulation; for example, one ounce of 800 loft power down will occupy 700 cubic inches.

Quality assured, ethically sourced

As a natural product, minor variations in loft power may occur between items. However, Kathmandu has a quality assurance program that guarantees both the highest quality and consistency in our down products.

Kathmandu uses only high quality down fill, which is 100% ethically sourced and certified by the Responsible Down Standard.

Goosedown 700

Goosedown700 provides excellent insulation, warmth and comfort, without adding a lot of weight. Highly compressible for quick storage, goosedown700 loft power is ideal for travel and adventure in cool climates.

Goosedown 800

Goosedown800 is ultimate insulation solution, delivering maximum warmth for minimum weight. The premium 800 loft delivers excellent performance with less bulk, making goosedown800 ideal for outdoor adventures where weight and warmth are critical.

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