What is Core Spun Merino?

Merino wool is a powerhouse fabric. Odour-resistant, highly breathable, and exceptionally warm, you’ll find it on outdoor enthusiasts, adventure junkies and travellers around the world. And thanks to Core Spun technology, you can now expect a stronger, more durable garment.

Core Spun Technology

Merino wool consists of very fine natural fibres that provide us with lightweight warmth and comfort. These fibres loft to efficiently trap heat, help regulate body temperature in cold and hot climates, and provide superior next-to-skin comfort.

But to get in as much use as possible, these fine fibres need a little extra durability.

Core Spun technology is a simple idea. We take traditional merino wool and spin it around a super thin nylon core to create a stronger, more durable fabric.

The end result is a high-performance merino garment that can stand up to more washes and more use.

Is Core Spun merino the choice for me?

The versatility of merino wool makes it suitable for a wide range of weather conditions and activities. If you like to stay active in the outdoors, travel regularly, or just wash and wear merino on a regular basis, Core Spun is for you.


For the outdoors:

Merino offers excellent temperature regulation. Its moisture-wicking, insulating properties will keep you cool on the go – but warm on the summit – so you can hike, run and cycle in merino all year round.

If you’re flogging your gear on the trail every weekend, opt for a Core Spun garment. The strong nylon core will help the merino fibres stand up to regular washing: just make sure to follow the care instructions on the tag.


For your travels:

Merino is a travel staple. Thanks to the natural odour-resistance, you can wear it multiple times before it needs a wash, and the temperature regulation means you can wear it across multiple climates.

Because of the added durability, Core Spun is a great choice if your trip includes more strenuous physical activity like day walks or hiking. If you’re about to embark on a longer adventure, chuck a few Core Spun tees in your backpack so you can layer up as you need.


For every day:

Merino wool is a comfortable next-to-skin layer which is why you’ll find it in everything from thermals to socks. Core Spun is excellent for high rotation items that you can wear in the office, on the weekend or on your travels.

If you want exceptional warmth, comfort, breathability and a fabric that stands up to more washing, take a closer look at Core Spun merino.

Check out our range of Core Spun Merino

  1. I92
    Core Spun Merino Blend Women’s Crew Top
    US $65.00
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    Core Spun Merino Blend Women’s Print Crew Top
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  4. Core Spun Merino Blend Men's Crew Top
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