Thermoplume: the synthetic with incredible warmth


Synthetic jackets are making huge technological leaps. And leading the way are materials like ThermoPlume, an innovative fibre that lofts like down with the equivalent warmth of 550 fill power.

What is ThermoPlume by PrimaLoft?

PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume is a water resistant fibre that gives insulating loft. Think of it as a bunch of silky, fibre plume clusters that collectively form loose fill insulation. And if you can't, then all you need to know is that the fine synthetic fibres resembles down.

Why choose ThermoPlume?

ThermoPlume was developed to imitate the fluidity, feel and aesthetics of down. Compared to traditional down, synthetic ThermoPlume fibres have some significant advantages like:

  • Permanent water resistance – giving you a higher level of insulation even when wet
  • Fast drying time
  • Easy to wash and care for

These advantages are ideal for travel — so we constructed the ultimate travel insulation jacket.

The award-winning Lawrence insulated jacket

Kathmandu’s first use of ThermoPlume is in our men’s and women’s Lawrence insulated jackets.

The Lawrence compresses to pack into a travel pillow so you can make use of it even when you're not wearing it. This feature helped it win a Gold ISPO Award.

It's also easy to clean so on your travels you can toss it in the washing machine with your other dirties.

Extensive testing to find ThermoPlume

Over the last few years, we provided feedback to PrimaLoft to help develop ThermoPlume. After extensive testing, ThermoPlume was created – combining the look and feel of down with the water-resistant performance of a synthetic.

The future of ThermoPlume will see an updated version with recycled materials and bluesign® approval to ensure environmental friendliness.

Why work with PrimaLoft?

PrimaLoft are a leader in synthetic insulation and environmental responsibility with a commitment to utilising recycled materials without compromising performance or increasing price.

Plastic bottles are a key recycled material in many of PrimaLoft’s fibres. They salvage plastic bottles from landfills, clean and shred them into chips, and melt them down to create high performance synthetic fibres.

We’re determined to blend sustainable elements throughout as many of our products as we can – and ThermoPlume is on the fast track to containing some recycled materials in the near future.

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