How to wash & care for socks

To keep your Kathmandu outdoor socks in their best, brightest and most comfortable condition, follow our sock care and wash instructions.

  • Specific care instructions for your Kathmandu socks can be found on their individual packaging.

  • Socks are best washed inside out to wash out odour-causing bacteria, and to reduce pilling and fluffing caused by the abrasive action of socks rubbing against each other and other clothes in the wash.

  • Socks should not be bleached. A bleaching agent may damage the wool fiber in the sock, and most Kathmandu socks have (high) wool content.

  • A warm tumble dry setting may be preferable as this will ensure socks do not shrink in the drying process. Alternatively, socks can be line-dried (without delay), preferably in the shade.

  • Some instructions may advise a gentle warm machine wash, however, the best way to wash a pair of socks is by hand, inside out, with a mild detergent and then line-dried in the shade.