How to pack light for winter

You’ve just booked a winter getaway. Your main piece of luggage? Your trusty backpack. Product Expert Daan Dijkstra shares his top tips for packing warm and light.

It doesn't matter if you're a backpacker, travelling for work, or even packing for two different seasons – packing warm and light can be a challenge.

But when it comes to packing a bag, Daan knows. His 25 years in the outdoor industry means he’s been asked ‘how to pack’ countless times for every weather condition and activity.

So how do you pack a bag that won’t break the zips, backs and spirits of even the most well-intentioned travellers?

In this article, Daan shares his must-do packing tips.

Daan’s gear recommendations

Merino Layers

Merino wool is the perfect breathable, all-season fabric. You won't sweat in the heat, but you'll retain warmth when the temperature drops.

Merino long sleeve shirts and t-shirts are longtime favourites in our travel bag because they've got great warmth for their weight, and because they're odour resistant – they don't need much washing.

A couple of layers will keep you comfortable on the move and on the break
A couple of layers will keep you comfortable on the move and on the break

Down Jacket

Like merino, down offers fantastic warmth to weight. It’s important to be aware of how fill power can affect weight, so find out how to choose the right down jacket for your travels.

Down is great if you need to pack your jacket in your bag because it has excellent compressibility.

Our men's and women's Benmore 5-in-1 jackets are awesome travel buddies as they're adaptable, contain down and work as multi-layer items. Skin one down to just the down vest or go full winter warmth with a waterproof outer and a long sleeve bomber down jacket zipped in.

Remember that you don't always have to pack a jacket. You can bring them in the cabin with you and save on precious pack space.

Lightweight warmth is the only way to go
Lightweight warmth is the only way to go

Packing Cells

If you’re aiming to pack small for winter, packing cells are a given. They help you to stay organised and can help compress bulky items while allowing you to maximise available space.

They’re also helpful for separating smelly or wet stuff when you’re in the thick of your adventures. Our pick is the ultra-lightweight packing cell – the lightest ones we have.

Pack like a pro with our range of travel essentials.