Kathmandu Packs & Bags

A comfortable harness and enough space to carry everything you need are essentials when deciding on a pack (or bag) to take hiking or travelling. You'll want it to be reliable, durable and even adaptable. Read our guide on how to choose a pack.
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  1. Litehaul 38L Carry-On Pack
    US $150.00
  2. Hybrid 70L Trolley
    US $240.00
  3. Hybrid 32L Trolley
    US $180.00
  4. Hybrid 50L Trolley
    US $200.00
  5. Interloper gridTECH 70L Backpack
    US $349.99
  6. Interloper gridTECH 70L Women's Backpack
    US $349.99