A New Adventure Starts every chrismass
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A New Adventure Starts every chrismass

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Get adventure-ready with our wide range of clothing equipment, including hiking boots, down jackets and thermals

  1. UltraCORE Men's Thermal Long Johns
    KMDMotion Men's Long Johns
    US $29.99
  2. UltraCORE Men's Thermal Top
    KMDMotion Men's Long Sleeve Top
    US $29.99
  3. UltraCORE Women's Thermal Top
    KMDMotion Women's Long Sleeve Top
    US $29.99
  4. UltraCORE Women's Thermal Leggings
    KMDMotion Women's Leggings
    US $29.99
  5. Kanching Men's Zip Off Pants
    Kanching Men's Zip Off Pants
    US $84.99
  6. Aklo Men's Hiking Shorts
    Aklo Men's Hiking Shorts
    US $54.99
  7. Tapah Women's Hiking Shirt
    Tapah Women's Hiking Shirt
    US $70.00
  8. Praca Women's Hiking Shorts
    Praca Women's Hiking Shorts
    US $59.99
  9. Danu Men's Hiking Shorts v2
    Danu Men's Hiking Shorts
    US $59.99
  10. J85
    Tiber Men's ngx Leather Hiking Boots
    US $194.99
Drimotion Men’s Active T-Shirt

Drimotion Men’s Active T-Shirt

The driMOTION T-shirt uses our driMOTION fabric technology to keep you cool, dry and comfortable when the heart is on.

2 for $70

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Why it's more than a hoodie

Once you have discovered something that you are passionate about, it becomes essential to pursue opportunities in that field. For me, that’s the environment — and I want to leave this world in a better position than when I entered it.

Growing up, my parents taught us lessons from ‘turning off the lights’ to buying in-season food. It seems like common sense now, but for much of my teens, I just thought my parents were being painful.

It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I truly began to understand and value the fundamental principles of sustainability — and what it really meant for the planet. Now, having just completed my B.Sc. honours thesis, and the concepts of recycling, repurposing and thoughtful living have now become a passion and an absolute commitment.