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Hiking Backpacks & Packs


Hiking Packs

Wherever you're hiking, Kathmandu's got the right hiking pack for you. Our large range of hiking backpacks is designed to meet all your outdoor activity needs. Our 30L packs are great for day hikes where staying light and comfortable is key, while still being able to fit in a deceptively large number of items. If you do need extra storage, our 40L packs fit the bill, with the added benefit of a travel style design that makes them ideal for air travel too. Heading out on a multi-day hike? One of our larger 60L or 70L hiking packs is ideal for carrying all the gear you'll need and are designed to be tough, so they'll handle whatever your trek can throw at them. Our hiking packs also come with a range of additional features like innovative harness systems designed to prevent overheating in key hotspots on a hike, as well as harnesses designed for a more comfortable, ergonomic fit for women as part of our range of women's backpacks and hiking packs. Shop hiking backpacks and packs from Kathmandu and get free shipping on US orders over $50.