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Adaptive Design: Introducing the Benmore 5-in-1

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We asked ourselves: if we could only take one jacket for travel… what would it be? The Benmore is our answer — one jacket you can wear five different ways.

Instead of loading your carry-on bag, checked-in luggage and your back with different layer options, we wanted to boil things down to exactly what every trip needs — something to handle the weather, something for adventures around the city, something for a light hike, something for dinner and drinks.

How does it work?

The Benmore 5-in-1 is a rain jacket with a down bomber jacket/vest inside. Zip in the bomber or zip off the sleeves to mix and match and create the layer you need.

The breathable, waterproof NGX 2.5 outer layer has stretch to move with you and a removable hood. The down inner jacket has zip-off sleeves. Mix and match on the go to create just the right combo of warm and dry for each moment.

Lache (featured in the video below) tested the new Benmore for us around Spain. In her own words: "I think the Benmore jackets is literally next level — not only can you wear it five ways, it is comfortable, warm, durable, versatile and looks fab and fashionable!"

Explore the features of the Benmore 5-in-1

The five ways to wear a Benmore:

  1. Down bomber with waterproof outer shell
  2. Down bomber
  3. Waterproof outer shell
  4. Down vest
  5. Down vest with waterproof outer shell (similar to Image 1)



I love the bomber that detaches from the inside — that’s my fave! It looks great with jeans and boots or even a skirt and stockings, it translates really well from day to night. Love it!

Lache, Summit Club member

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