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Global Brand Ambassador: Tim Jarvis

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Tim Jarvis is an Explorer, Environmental Scientist, Adventurer, and Global Brand Ambassador for Kathmandu.

He’s explored some of the most remote places in the world — and taken on some of the most extreme challenges.

Kathmandu Global Ambassador Tim Jarvis

A leader in adventure

Tim is best known for his Antarctic expeditions:

  • In 2013, he retraced the 1916 journey of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton — an expedition regarded by many as the greatest survival journey of all time — using the same rudimentary equipment, period clothing and technology.

  • In 2007, he retraced the 1913 polar journey of Sir Douglas Mawson using 100-year-old gear and starvation rations.

  • In 1999, he became a joint record holder in the fastest unsupported journey to the Geographic South Pole from the true edge of Antarctica.

An advocate for the environment

Tim’s background as an Environmental Scientist combined with his love of the outdoors make him a powerful ally for positive change. He is committed to finding solutions to major environmental issues related to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Tim latest project is 25zero, a project designed to highlight the impacts of climate change. The project and accompanying documentary showcases 25 mountains at the equator whose glaciers will be gone in the next 25 years. Some far sooner.

His incredible adventures and sustainability work have attracted numerous accolades. These include:

  • being made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to the environment, community and exploration in the 2010 Australian honours list
  • 2013 Adventurer of the Year by the Australian Geographic Society and;
  • 2016 Conservationist of the Year by the Australian Geographic Society — the first person ever to receive both prestigious awards from the society.

An expert in gear

Our elite XT Series range was developed in consultation with Tim Jarvis to create gear that's engineered to endure through the world's harshest conditions.

The pinnacle of our technology and innovation, the XT Series is designed for alpine adventures.