Kathmandu has been certified as a B Corporation. It shows we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

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Best for the world: Our 2025 sustainability goals

At Kathmandu we've set ourselves some big goals in sustainability and social impact.

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Sustainable gear

Designed with people and the planet in mind, we continue to strive for greater sustainability throughout our gear.

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Discover our story

For 30 years, we have designed our gear to take on the rugged landscapes of our homeland and to outfit the adventurous spirit of our people.

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What you choose to wear can make a big impact on the planet. Learn more ›


100% of our cotton is sustainably sourced

This year we reached our goal of using 100% sustainable cotton in our products.

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100% ethically sourced goose and duck down

100% of the down in Kathmandu products is certified under the Responsible Down Standard.

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Recycling plastics into our products for 20 years

We've been recycling plastic bottles into our products for more than 20 years.

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We're part of the collaborative group delivering the Responsible Wool Standard

Wool is a fantastic, repeating, renewable resource but it's only sustainable if it's managed in a way that looks after the animals and the land.

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COVID-19 Ethical Fashion Commitments

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